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            Allmarine Electronics are located in Port Stephens, part of the beautiful Hunter Valley in NSW. This area includes the city of  Newcastle and is two hours north of Sydney although, we have carried out work in other many parts of  NSW, as well as QLD, Fiji, China, Philippines & Florida.

          We specialise in supplying and installing high quality marine electrical products, as well as complete or partial vessel re-wires by our electrical technicians, in conjunction with vessel re-fits and repairs carried out by our associated Shipwrights.

        AME and an affiliate company MME (Mobile Marine Electrics) do a lot of work for NSW Marine Parks and Fisheries.

       We are continually testing products on our own boats to determine what works and what does not.

This testing has also helped us to determine which products will stand up to the harsh marine environment and go the distance and to also weed out the companies that do not stand behind their products.

       AME will not sell or install inferior products as we warranty all our work.

Our qualified marine electrical specialists will consult with you to help you decide which brand of electronics best suits your boat and the way you use her, then design and install your electronics package or that extra single item you may need to add to your boat.

Our qualified shipwrights will carry out any structural work to your boat such as thru-hull transducer installation, cutting the dash for instrument installation or where any other thru-hull  or superstructure penetration is necessary.

Our aim is to make any work we do look like it was undertaken at the factory at the time of construction.

Any work we do will not look like and add-on or after thought.

Give us a call to discuss your boat and her needs and we will be happy to work within your budget.


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